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SHC Givisiez from Switzerland won the IISHF U13 European Cup 2023

SHC Givisiez from Switzerland won the IISHF U13 European Cup 2023

IISHF U13 European Cup Results

IISHF U13 European Cup 2023. 

The first of this years events started with IISHF U13 European Cup hosted by SHC Givisiez.  With the event starting on Friday 28th April with the hosts opening the event playing against Austria's Styrian Panthers paving their way to the final to face off against Duisburg Ducks. 

Second place, Duisburg had a slightly harder route to the final coming second in the group and having to play a Qualification Semi Final prior to the semi and eventually losing to newly crowned champions SHC Givisiez 4 - 2.

Each team, gave everything they had and each player should be proud of the efforts they put in to both get to compete on the international stage, but also their efforts in competing for the title. 

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Fair Play Winners :

SHC Rossemaison - Switzerland

All Star Team:

Best Goalkeeper

No. 38 Ellis HILLMedway Assassins – Great Britain

Best Outfield players

No. 13 Leandro-Nick SCHULZ Duisburg Ducks – Germany

No. 5 Elias SCHOTTDusseldorf Rams - Germany

No. 17 Esteban FRICHERossemaison - Switzerland

No. 78 Maurice RUNTEDuisburg Ducks - Germany

Final Rankings

1 Place: SHC Givisiez - Switzerland
2 Place: Duisburg Ducks - Germany
3 Place: Rossemaison - Switzerland
4 Place: Rhien-Main Patriots - Germany
5 Place: Dusseldorf Rams - Germany
6 Place: Copenhagen Vikings - Denmark
7 Place: SHC Ajoie - Switzerland
8 Place: IHC Capalogo - Switzerland
9 Place: Styrian Panthers - Austria
10 Place: Medway Assasins – Great Britain

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