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STARZ from Gentofte, Denmark won the Men European Cup 2022

STARZ from Gentofte, Denmark won the Men European Cup 2022

Sayaluca Lugano and Rossemaison from Switzerland come in 2nd and 3rd in this title Event that took place in Rossemaison, Switzerland on August 19-21.  

STARZ won their second title (2018, 2022) in addition to their Bronze Medal (2019) in the last three Men European Cups. As such they are historically the 7th most successful team in the IISHF Men EC History. Before moving to Gentofte, the team played for a club in Vesterbro using the same name “STARZ” and won three Men EC Titles (2004, 2006, 2012), 2 Silver Medals (2003, 2010) and 2 Bronze Medals (2011, 2013). In consequence most players of today’s STARZ team have won 10 IISHF Men EC Medals and are as such the most decorated players in IISHF Men EC History.

Lugano played their first ever Gold Medal Game at an IISHF Men European Cup.

SHC Rossemaison won its 4th international medal in this 2022 season (1 x Gold, 3 x Bronze), thereby fostering its position as the club with the most European Medals (30 Medals, thereof 5 Gold, 12 Silver, 13 Bronze).

This Men EC has been the first in IISHF History without a German team making the semifinals. Krefeld lost its quarterfinal to Rossemaison 2:6. Both Köln-West Rheinos and Crash Eagles Kaarst lost their quarterfinals to Lugano and Rothrist from Switzerland, however, with just one goal difference.

The Fair Play Cup was won by Lunatics Hockey Team, Austria (6 penalty minutes on 3 infractions in 7 games). 

All Star Team as voted by all team managers. 

Best Goakeeper

Stefano Brazzola

Best Outfield players

Thimo Fabian Dietrich
Alexis Neukonm
Evan Fluery
Robin Weisheit

Final Standings:

Team Place

Gentofte STARZ


Sayaluca Lugano






Crash Eagles Kaarst


Crefelder SC


Köln-West Rheinos


Cardiff Panthers


Duisburg Ducks


Lunatic Hockey Team






Further information on the IISHF Men European Cup 2022 including detailed player and team statistics can be found here:

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