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IISHF Communication Letter 2020-12

IISHF Communication Letter 2020-12

1. IISHF Title Events 2020 cancelled - to be postponed to 2021

The 4 IISHF Title Events listed below are all cancelled in 2020 due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). All the mentioned Events will be postponed to 2021 - date to be fixed later - same host and location in 2021 as in 2020 - age limits to be fixed until 31.05.2020.

- IISHF U13 European Cup 2021 in Krefeld (Germany) scheduled for 4-6 of June 2021 with 14-16 of May 2021 as alternative.- IISHF Men Challenge Cup 2021 in Essen (Germany) date to be fixed.- IISHF U16 European Cup 2021 in Kaarst (Germany) date to be fixed.- IISHF U19 European Cup 2021 in Rossemaison (Switzerland) date to be fixed.

2. IISHF Title Events 2020 still under considerationThe 2 IISHF Title Events listed below are still under consideration - final decision until 31.05.2020.

- IISHF Men European Cup in Rossemaison (Switzerland) scheduled for 28-30 of August 2020.- IISHF Men European Championship in Duisburg (Germany) scheduled for 6-8 November 2020.

3. About participation and refeere fees for cancelled IISHF Title Events We will give a statement about this until beginning of next week.

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