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 IISHF Communication Letter 2020-11

IISHF Communication Letter 2020-11

1. Coronavirus - Decision about the first 4 IISHF Title Events 2020

As mentioned in the IISHF Communication Letter 2020-06 as of 11th of March 2020, the IISHF Communication Letter 2020-07 as of 15th of March 2020 and the IISHF Communication Letter 2020-09 as of 5th of April 2020 IISHF is following the rapid development of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

After consultation with all relevant National Member Associations (NMAs), hosting clubs and participating teams the IISHF Presidium unfortunately had to decide that the

- IISHF U13 European Cup 2020 in Krefeld (Germany) scheduled 12.-14.06.2020

- IISHF Men Challenge Cup 20200 in Essen (Germany) scheduled 19.-21.06.2020

- IISHF U16 European Cup 2020 in Kaarst (Germany) scheduled 26.-28.06.2020

- IISHF U19 European Cup 2020 in Rossemaison (Switzerland) scheduled 03.-05.07.2020must be cancelled.

These events cannot be hosted in 2020 at any other date.

The hosting clubs of the 3 before listed IISHF Title Events taking place in Germany have already offered to host the relevant same IISHF Title Event in 2021 - this is very much appreciated. For the U19 European Cup IISHF is in contact with the Swiss Federation and the hosting club SHC Rossemaison and we are still waiting for their final reply.

In the opinion of the IISHF Presidium it should be the first option to give the hosting club of IISHF Title Events 2020 the possibility to host the same IISHF Title Event in 2021. If for the same event already a sanction for 2021 has been fixed (which is the case for the IISHF U13 European Cup 2021) this 2021 sanctioned event should be postponed to 2022 ? this is more than fair and managed by several other sport federations.

2. Repayment of travelling fees and referee fees for cancelled IISHF title eventsAccording to §20.1 IISHF constitution no claims for compensation shall be considered against actions and/or decisions made by an IISHF body or because of cancellation of an international event.

Due to the cancellation of the title events IISHF will save several expenses (but not all ? e.g. cups and medals have already been completely ordered) and the whole corona development will also have a negative financial impact for IISHF.

IISHF Presidium shall take all efforts to save all possible expenses and not to make any profit of the cancellation of title events. Thus IISHF Presidium has decided that in deviation of §20.1 IISHF constitution the hosting clubs and participating teams will be partially reimbursed and partial refund shall definitely take place. But please kindly understand that we have to wait for the further financial development this year. Lately until end of October 2020 we are able to make a final statement and will propose this to the NMAs and ask for their approval/confirmation. We will then offer a refund or alternatively an appropriate offset with relevant 2021 invoices.

3. Regarding participation of teams in 2021 for IISHF Title Events cancelled in 2020

After the cancellation of the above title events questions will arise which teams shall be qualified for these IISHF Title Events taking place in 2021 and especially the eligibility (age limit) for the 2021 events of the younger age groups.The IISHF Presidium is already considering all these questions and will make a relevant proposal to the NMAs in due course.

4. IISHF Men European Cup 2020 and IISHF Men European Championships 2020

The IISHF Presidium conscientiously continues to carefully deal with the topic of the coronavirus including the recommendations of the various health authorities as well as constantly updated risk assessment and taken this in to our considerations. Where we lack medical expertise, we follow carefully the expert advice. It is still our aim to find the best possible balance between the interests of the clubs and the many athletes to continue the game on the one hand and the concerns and concerns of the players and parents as well as the desire for predictability on the other.

The following two IISHF Title Events 2020 are scheduled after the Summer Holidays:- Men European Cup on 28-30th of August 2020 in Rossemaison (Switzerland)- Men European Championships on 6-8th of November 2020 in Duisburg (Germany)

We are currently in communication with the hosting clubs and participating teams and will make a final decision about the hosting at latest until 31st of May 2020.

For more information about the coronavirus disease please visit which is the website of the World Health Organization.a

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