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 IISHF Communication Letter 2020-10

IISHF Communication Letter 2020-10

In this cl about the IISHF Livestreaming & Media Development, International Badgers Cup cancelled, Deadline for all Teams participating in IISHF Title Events in June/July.

1. IISHF Livestreaming & Media Development

The IISHF Council of Members approved at its Annual General Meeting in Moscow, Russia on 1 March 2020 a proposal by BeTV (company based in Ukraine) for an IISHF livestreaming & media development.

In close cooperation a central livestreaming of all IISHF Title Events is envisioned to ensure instantaneous communication of high-quality videos (live, highlights), photos and text during the Title Events. The material will also be used to communicate during the entire year, e.g. in between tournaments and the off-season, and to develop promotions for the sport around the world. It ought to help our small community to grow and is a key to the development of the sport.

At the AGM 2020 it was agreed to create a working group chaired by IISHF Vice-President André Poddubny to work out the following until 31st of May 2020. Due to the challenges arising out of the coronavirus for all federations the Presidium has extended the deadline until 30th of August 2020:

1.1. Define technical requirements for the livestreaming at IISHF Title Events.

1.2. Define sponsorship regulations for the IISHF, the host and all teams participating at IISHF Title Events that cover online/offline activities before, during, and after the tournaments.

1.3. Draft amendment proposal to official IISHF documents covering all technical and financial aspects.

1.4. Develop sponsorship materials to approach potential sponsors, including a presentation of the sport inline skater hockey, the IISHF and its nine annual Title Events.

We are excited to inform you that the working group has been successfully established. It comprises of 20 experts including from several top hosting clubs as well as key officials from the IISHF and all national member associations.

Since the AGM 2020 a first draft of technical requirements was drafted by BeTV in cooperation with the IISHF presidium. It is already being elaborated by the working group.

We are very optimistic that this joint efforts by key clubs, all national federations and the IISHF will enable our sport to take the next step in its development. Please find a short presentation of the adopted proposal attached.

2. International Badgers Cup cancelled

Martin-Alexander Huber from the hosting club RV Spaichingen has informed that the organizing committee has decided to cancel the Badgers Cup 2020, that was scheduled from 29.-31.05.2020, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. All participating teams will be informed and will be supported if they need help regarding cancellation of hotel bookings etc.

3. Deadline for all Teams participating in IISHF Title Events in June/July

In the IISHF Communication Letter 2020-02 as of January 28, 2020 the deadline for all teams participating in European Cups and European Championships was fixed. The IISHF Presidium has discussed this matter in regards to the Coronavirus Pandemic and decided that the current deadlines to provide team information for all upcoming June/July events are cancelled as long as no final decision shall be made for these four events - this will be done (as announced) lately until end of April.

 IISHF Communication 2020-10
2020-04-02_IISHF Livestreaming Media Development Presentation

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