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IISHF Communication Letter 2020-07

IISHF Communication Letter 2020-07

1. Coronavirus and IISHF Title Events/Non Title Events - update.

As mentioned in the IISHF Communication Letter 2020-06 as of 11th of March, 2020 IISHF is following the current development worldwide of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The situation is currently developing very dramatically around the world and at this time especially in Europe where we have a number of IISHF Title Events and IISHF Non Title Events from the last weekend in May to the first weekend in July.

The following 5 events are planned to take place in the mentioned time period

- The Men International Badgers Cup on 29-31th of May 2020 in Spaichingen, Germany (B-event).

- The IISHF U13 European Cup on 12-14th of June 2020 in Krefeld, Germany (A-event).

- The IISHF Men Challenge Cup on 19-21th of June 2020 in Essen, Germany (A-event).

- The IISHF U16 European Cup on 26-28th of June 2020 in Kaarst, Germany (A-event).

- The IISHF U19 European Cup on 3-5th of July 2020 in Rossemaison, Switzerland (A-event).

In the past few weeks the IISHF Presidium have conscientiously and carefully dealt with the topic of the coronavirus including the recommendations of the various health authorities as well as constantly updated risk assessment and taken this in to our considerations. Where we lacked medical expertise, we follow carefully the expert advice. It is our aim to find the best possible balance between the interests of the clubs and the many athletes to continue the game on the one hand and the concerns and concerns of the players and parents as well as the desire for predictability on the other.As of today Sunday 15th of March, 2020 we can give the following status update on the situation and we will ensure that everyone will be informed regularly about the development.

1: IISHF would like to express our sincere sadness about the situation and will as previously mentioned take any necessary actions if needed in regard to the hosting of IISHF Title Events and IISHF Non Title Events 2020.

2: In regard to all IISHF Title Events and IISHF Non Title Events scheduled until 15th of July, 2020 we are in permanent communication with all the hosting clubs and their NMA and we will give a precise update until 20th of April, 2020.

3: If not already done, for the moment no team should book travelling and/or accommodation without any right for cancellation.

4: Despite the final outcome of the corunavirus development no team will be forced to take part at any of the before mentioned international events 2020.

5: We do our utmost to get the best solution for international inline skater hockey.6: Since travel restrictions are enforced by most countries both for departure and arrival we hereby ask all hosting and participating member countries to provide an updated status to IISHF about travel restrictions no later than 15th of April, 2020. This applies for the following countries: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Russia, Switzerland and Ukraine.For more information about the coronavirus disease please visit the website of the World Health Organization.

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