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IISHF Communication Letter 2019-08

1. Minutes of Annual General Meeting and Working Meeting 2019 in London

As attachment you will get the following documents:- Minutes of the IISHF Working Meeting (WM) 2019 in London.- Minutes of the IISHF Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2019 in London.Please take note that according to article 11.17 IISHF Constitution any objections to the minutes must be send in writing to the IISHF within two weeks of receipt.

2. Reports and Presentations from the Meeting in London

As attachment you will get the following reports and presentations which you have not received with previous IISHF Communication Letters:- IISHF AGM Hosting Overview 2000-2019.

- IISHF Appeals Committee Report 2018 - AGM 2019.

- IISHF Best Event Award 2018.- IISHF Countries Overview - 2019.

- IISHF Disciplinary Report 2018 - AGM 2019.

- IISHF Flashback 2018, Objectives 2019 and Accomplishments (2010-2018).

- IISHF Members Overview 2019.

- IISHF Organisation Overview 2019.

- IISHF Tournaments last 13 years (final 2006-2018).

- 2019 IISHF Technical Committee AGM.

- PrésentationSRE (Sports Recognized) - GIOVA report.

- Presentation Russia IISHF- Russia Federation of Rollerhockey - presentation made by Igor Kolesov.

- Offer for IISHF - Russian presentation made by Igor Kolesov.

3. New IISHF Documents 2019

As attachment you will get the official version of the following IISHF documents which are ready:- IISHF Official Rule Book 2018/2019 (iishf_rules_of_the_game_2019) - version 2019.0.1.(changes are being displayed using the colour blue).- IISHF Official Rule Book 2020/2021 (iishf_rules_of_the_game_2020) - version 2020.0.1. (changes are being displayed using the colour blue).- IISHF Regulations 2019 Final.- IISHF Regulations 2019 Final with marked changes.

4. U13 European Cup - the schedule for Friday games

IISHF is as previously mentioned in the IISHF Communication Letter 2019-07 as of February 19, 2019 very glad to announce that the U13 European Cup on June 21-23, 2019 in Kaarst, Germany will take place with 12 teams rather than the originally 10 teams. Based on the feedback received we have now confirmation that in total 8 teams are willing to play games on Friday 21st June, 2019 due to the various statement made by the teams about when they were willing to play we have managed to schedule 6 games to be played Friday. First game will now take place at 3.40 PM. The Opening Ceremony will take place at 6.30 PM and there will be two Managers Meeting the first one at 2.30 PM (for the 8 teams starting Friday) and the second one at 7.15 PM (for the 4 teams starting Saturday). Attached please find the Time Schedule for Friday. Please note that this is a draft version and not the final official version which will follow.

 2019 IISHF Technical Committee AGM 1397 kb
 2019_AGM_Minutes 202 kb
 2019_WM_Minutes 167 kb
 Giova report 68 kb
 IISHF AGM hosting overview 2000-2019 welcome 16 kb
 IISHF Appeals_Committee Report 2018 - AGM 2019 85 kb
 IISHF Best Event Award 2018 - ppt 75 kb
 IISHF countries overview - 2019 79 kb
 IISHF Disciplinary Report 2018 - AGM 2019 73 kb
 IISHF flashback 2018, objectives 2019, accomplishments 2010-2018 109 kb
 IISHF Members overview 2019 68 kb
 IISHF Organisation overview 2019 - ppt 71 kb
 IISHF Tournaments last 13 years - final 2006-2018 68 kb
 iishf_rules_of_the_game_2019 1304 kb
 iishf_rules_of_the_game_2020_initial 1319 kb
 Regulations 2019 Final 369 kb
 Regulations 2019 Final with marked changes 373 kb
 TimeSchedule_EC_MEN_U13_2019_Kaarst_Friday_games 32 kb

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