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IISHF Communication Letter 2015-19

IISHF Communication Letter 2015-19

1. Resignation of Steve Nussbaumer as Swiss delegate

The Swiss Federation informed us that Steve Nussbaumer has resigned as Swiss delegate from the end of 2015. He will be replaced by Marco Eicher, former president of IHC Rothrist.

2. U19 European Cup

Until today we have not received an official application for the hosting of the U19 European Cup 2016. But the German Federation informed us that the German Club Bissendorfer Panther are discussing to host the U19 European Cup 2016 in the weekend of 28-29 May 2016 to make sure that this event will not be cancelled in 2016. We await a final reply until 10.01.2016.

3. Number of teams to be reported to IISHF

We kindly ask all National Member Associations (NMAs) to send us in reference to article 11.11 and 11.12 IISHF Constitution until 15.01.2016 to IISHF headquarters (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
- How many inline skater hockey teams shall be registered in that country for the current year
- A detailed team list for all age groups with the name of all registered clubs and teams for the current year.
If no report and/or no detailed team list has been given until 15.01.2016 the relevant number of teams shall be based on the previous year membership. For the sake of complete information we also refer to article 11.11 ISHF Constitution that each Member Country (NMA) shall be entitled at General Meetings to:
- For Members with 49 teams or less registered 1 Vote
- For Members with 50 to 99 teams registered 2 Votes
- For Members with 100 or more teams registered 3 Votes

4. Deadline to confirm/cancel participation in Title Events 2016

With effect from 31.12.2015 the official IISHF announcement of now all Title Events for 2016 has been done. We also included the U19 European Cup but which is so far not official and need to be confirmed by the German Association until 15.01.2016. All the scheduled events are also listed on As attachment all NMA's now receive the IISHF Seeding Ranking List 2016 for all European Cups with update as of today. In this list all teams (incl. Backup teams) are mentioned who are qualified if selected to take part in title events 2016.

Regarding the European Cups (Club Teams) according to article 18.3 IISHF Regulations ?all teams according to article 18.1 IISHF Regulations (National Champion, National Vice Champion (as possible backup), Third Place Team (as possible backup), Fourth Place Team (as possible backup) and any Host with Wild Card) must confirm within three (3) weeks after the European Cup has been announced if they will officially take part. Each confirmation must be given by the relevant National Member Association and is only valid if given (confirmed) by the relevant National Member Association. National Member Associations not giving a reply within this 3-weeks deadline will get a fine for each missing team feedback according to article 3.7 IISHF Regulations and the relevant team also loose their right to take part at this European Cup.

The need for feedback also apply for all National Vice Champions 2015, Wild Card Teams, Host Teams and Backup Teams who might qualify for 2016 so please make sure that the final information about the participation 2016 of all your Club Teams as listed in the IISHF Seeding Ranking List will be given at latest within the next three weeks to IISHF (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Deadline for reply is 21st January 2016. In the event of a National Champion declining the place, the place will in the first instance be offered to that National Member Associations Vice Champion if they do not already have a place.

For the Men Cup Winner Cup the National Cup Champion is automatically qualified to participate however except the hosting team and the defending champion no team (including individual players) can participate in both the Men European Cup and the Men Cup Winner Cup. If a NMA does not have a National Cup Championship then it can select teams after their placement in the National Championship.

5. IISHF Regulations §18.5 (2015) version ? ranking order for European Cups

The article § 18.5 IISHF Regulations was revised at the last AGM 2015 in Hamburg. However the current IISHF Regulations 2015 version has the following text which will be valid for the ranking of the participating teams at the IISHF European Cups in 2016 since no NMA?s have made any objections to the current text. For this reason we will take §18.5 IISHF Regulations up for further discussion at the AGM 2016 in Zagreb (Croatia).
The article § 18.5 IISHF Regulations states the following (see also attachment):
The IISHF Presidium shall determine the final number of teams participating in an European Cup. Each vacant place (which means without automatic qualification according to article 18.2 IISHF Regulations) in an European Cup will be transferred to the National Member Associations as follows:
- All vacant places in the sequence of the final ranking of the last European Championship of this Age Group.
- For the younger age groups (U13, U16) in the sequence of the final ranking of the last Junior European Championship will be binding.
- In the event of a qualified (transferred) Team having declined the vacant place, the place will be automatically given to that National Member Associations next qualified team if they do not already have a place. If this next qualified team is not a team according to article 18.1 IISHF Regulations, this team can confirm its participation within 8 days after the offer has been given to the relevant NMA. If no confirmation is given within this 8 days deadline to IISHF, the vacant place will be offered to another National Member Association in the sequence of the final ranking of the last Men/Junior European Championship.

6. Draft Rules of the game 2016/2017

Please find attached the draft for the Rules of the Game 2016/2017 as proposed by the IISHF Technical Committee. Please apologize for the delay - ideally we would have had published the draft not later than 1st December 2015, but due to internal communication problems in the Technical Committee (including the resignation of the Swiss representative Jonathan Römer) and due to the fact that the Technical Committee had to do some more discussion and voting rounds because of the late Austrian proposals, it simply wasn?t possible to finish the draft in time. Please note that the Technical Committee has to recheck wording, grammar and spelling, so the final version might look somewhat slightly different but the content will stay the same.
Following now is a short summary of the changes proposed in this document as presented by Stefan Gehrig (the chairman of the IISHF Technical Committee):
- 3.5.1 k) clarification on the duties of a timekeeper with regard to penalty handling
- 3.7.1 allow the replacement of goal judges in exceptional circumstances
- 3.9.1 new consolidated rule ?Abuse of Officials?
- 3.9.2 moved from 8.16.12
- 4.3.1 clarification on the way referees interact with captains / assistant captains
- 4.3.6 deleted because already included in 4.3.1
- 5.4.2 removal of the neck and throat protected for U19 players and younger
- 5.6.3 removal because rule is not needed any more
- 5.8 removal because of removal of 5.4.2
- 7.7.1 clarification on the jurisdiction for match bans in IISHF games after match penalties
- 7.8.1 clarification on the jurisdiction for match bans in IISHF games after gross match penalties
- 7.9.4, 7.9.5 and 7.9.6 changed handling of multiple penalties against a goalkeeper because 7.9.4 (introduced last year was seriously flawed)
- 7.11.1, 7.11.2, 7.11.3, 7.11.4 and 7.11.6 slight wording corrections
- 7.15.7 a), b) and c) face-off moved for misconduct penalties as well
- 8.2.1 referees are allowed to stop the game if they get into the way of a player giving one team an unfair advantage
- 8.4.1 penalty changed to minor penalty
- 8.4.2 penalty changed to minor penalty
- 8.4.3 penalty changed to minor penalty
- 8.4.4 penalty changed to minor penalty
- 8.5.1 penalty changed to minor penalty
- 8.10.12 and 8.10.12 a) removal of the option to assess a minor penalty for ?pushing from behind?, checking from behind is now always at least a major penalty
- 8.10.18 c) allow goals where the ball is deflected off the skate of an attacking player, explicitly prohibit goals where the ball has been kicked by an attacking player
- 8.10.19 penalty changed to minor penalty
- 8.10.20 f) penalty changed to minor penalty
- 8.10.20 i) rule to allow a referee to stop the game as soon as one team does not try to keep the ball in motion
- 8.11.6 adoption to common practice - the referee can stop the game earlier than 3 seconds after the ball is unplayable because it?s trapped somewhere in the goalkeeper's equipment or under the goalkeeper
- 8.13 complete rewording and restructuring of allowed and disallowed goals; esp. the option to score by deflection off an attacker has been added; kicking is still not allowed (see 8.10.18 c)
- 8.15.2 moved to 8.16.12
- 8.16.1 to 8.16.10 penalty changed to minor penalty
- 8.16.12 moved to 3.9.2
- 8.19.1 clarification

Appendices have not been yet updated to reflect the changes.
7. AGM 2016 in Zagreb (Croatia)
As already announced the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2016 will take place on 27-28.02.2016 in Zagreb (Croatia). Due to illness of Juri Bednjanec the details cannot be announced before 15.01.2016. Please inform the IISHF Presidium (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) lately until 10.01.2016
a) if your Association will participate at the AGM 2016?
b) if yes, with how many delegates you will participate?
The host shall need this information for his domestic planning - thank you very much in advance for a short reply.

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