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IISHF Communication Letter 2015-17

IISHF Communication Letter 2015-17

1. Resignation of IISHF Vice-President

With his email of 22.10.2015 (received by all of you) IISHF Vice-President Daniel Taschner has decided to resign with immediate effect. The IISHF Presidium would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude for the work Daniel Taschner has

done as IISHF Vice-President for the last 18 months.

In his email Daniel mentioned some points where we would like to give you some information for better understanding and explanation:
- The IISHF has for years the situation that we have during the first half year 95% of our expenses, but only 60-70% of our income whereas 30-40% of our income are generated in the second half of the year. Thus it is usual for years now that the IISHF Presidium Members have to wait with their ACFs for 2-3 months which is for us no problem and due to our opinion absolute acceptable. With this we make sure that all other persons get their expenses immediately be reimbursed. Thus Daniel had to wait for an amount of 386 EUR for 3 months.
- The Finance Director is not solely in charge of Referee assignment. The Referee Director Claes Freder is the person in charge of Referee Assessment (in cooperation with Uwe Bührer) and also decides about referee nomination. Claes Freder only asked the Finance Director to send out the correspondence and information to all IISHF Referees and IISHF Referees and we are very thankful that the Finance Director took over this sole administration duty to support Claes Freder and to make sure that everything is sent out on time.
- Currently the Manager Meeting is held before the start of the first game because this was requested by the teams instead of travelling/having to be present one day before.
- Since this year "small" events are already be held with smaller amount of officials (e.g. U13 EC and U19 CHAMP).
- Presidium Members have also to work and thus for us it was so far no problem and normal that one Presidium Member shall write the minutes of an AGM. Of course it would be nice if somebody outside of the IISHF Presidium shall take over this and if anybody would like to do this voluntarily, we are glad for this.

With immediate effect the following shall apply:
1. Resignation of Daniel Taschner as IISHF Vice-President
2. Replacement as new IISHF Vice-President will be elected at the next AGM 2016 (Croatia)
3. Share of intern responsibilities in the IISHF Presidium as follow until the next AGM:
- ITC's for Title Events (Erik Sommer)
- ITC's for B-Tournaments (Erik Sommer)
- Title Events Application Forms (Ingo Goerke)
- Non-Title Events Application Forms (Ingo Goerke)

2. Deadline for team information - Title Events 2016

Each National Member Association must inform the IISHF latest on the 15th of December each year of the
- team names
- contact person
- full team list
- contact address (e-mail and mobile phone)
of the National Champion and National Vice Champion and any Host with Wild Card Teams for U19, U16 and U13 for that year. The same applies for the third and fourth place team in each category as possible back up teams.
For the Veteran, Men and Women National Champion (including Men Cup Champion) and National Vice Champion (including Men Vice Cup Champion) and any Host with Wild Card or defending European Cup Title Holder in those age groups the Team names, contact person and contact address (e-mail and mobile phone) should be provided. The same applies for the third and fourth place team in each category as possible back up teams.

3. AGM 2016

As decided at the AGM 2015 in Hamburg the AGM 2016 will take place in Croatia on 27-28 February 2016. The location will be in Opatija or Zadar.
Further information about hotel offer and other practical matters will follow when finally agreed between the IISHF Presidium and the Croatian Federation.
Please plan your travel with arrival latest Friday afternoon/evening on 26 February 2016 and departure from the meeting not before 3 PM Sunday afternoon on 28 February 2016.
People travelling by plane should take the airport Zagreb for both Opatija or Zadar.

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