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Communication Letter 2022-01

Communication Letter 2022-01

This CL informs about proposals for changes to the IISHF Rule Book and IISHF Regulations which will be discussed at the 2022 Annual General Meeting. The Netherlands also withdraw from IISHF.

1.   Proposals and Drafts for AGM 2022

As attachments you will get the proposals and drafts for following documents:

  • Draft IISHF Regulations 2022
  • Modifications IISHF Regulation 2022

Please note that following colours have been used to mark the modifications for better understanding:

Green Colour               New Proposal
Red Colour                  To be deleted 

We did not receive any proposal from any NMA in accordance with §11.6 and §11.7 of the IISHF Constitution (no later than eight weeks prior to the General Meeting). So the delivered proposals are all provided by the IISHF Presidium.

There are no proposals for changes to the IISHF Constitution. Please note that changes to the IISHF Constitution can be only be done in each odd year any change and in each even year only clarification and any error corrections. 

2.   IISHF Official Rule Book 2022/2023

All proposals for changes to the IISHF Rule Book shall be only submitted by the IISHF Technical Committee in writing to the Presidium no later than eight (8) weeks prior to the IISHF General Meeting.

Please find attached the updated Rule Book including the recommended changes. In addition please find attached a document with some comments/reflections from the IISHF Technical Committee:

3.   ISHN – the Netherlands termination of IISHF membership

The Dutch Federation with effect of 1.1.2022 has for the second time terminated their membership with IISHF.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium

Erik Sommer (President)

IISHF Communication 2022 01
IISHF Rules of the game 2022

2022 Regulations v3 Modifications (16 01 2022)

2022 Regulations v3 Draft (16 01 2022)

Some comments and reflections from the IISHF Technical Committee

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