Communication Letter 2024-4

1.  IISHF Title Events – additional team information requested

We hereby officially announce that according to point §12.1 IISHF Constitution the IISHF Presidium has imposed an official deadline for all Teams participating in European Cups 2024 to send the following material. Deadline is 8 weeks before each event.

Please note that for the first IISHF Title Event the deadline has been reduced by the IISHF Presidium to 6 weeks before the IISHF U16 European Cup 2024.

§15.1.e.10 IISHF Regulations states the following:

The Team Manager must latest 8 weeks before the first day of the Event provide full team information

·         An actual team photo (minimum 1.920 x 1.080 pixel)

·         Victories/successes of the last 10 years for the relevant team (age group) in English language.

·         Players List with names and shirt numbers of all players taking part in English language..

·         Team logo (minimum 1.920 x 1.080 pixel).

The complete team information has to be sent by e-mail to the hosting club (use the contact information given on with a copy (!!) to the IISHF Event Office (mail to Failure will result in fixed fines (50 EUR per week of delay) also for not sending a copy to IISHF.

Deadlines fixed for the following European Cups 2024:

·         Until 29.03.2024 for U16 European Cup 2024 in Düsseldorf (Germany).

·         Until 29.03.2024 for Women European Cup 2024 in Krefeld (Germany).

·         Until 05.04.2024 for U19 European Cup 2024 in Krefeld (Germany).

·         Until 19.04.2024 for Men Challenge Cup 2024 in Avenches (Switzerland).

·         Until 26.04.2024 for U13 European Cup 2024 in Rossemaison (Switzerland).

·         Until 02.05.2024 for Men European Cup 2024 in Rossemaison (Switzerland).

The requested team information and the deadline applies for all participating teams even for the hosting club since IISHF needs to get a copy of the team information from all participating teams. The requested team information should still be delivered even if any hosting club has contacted the participating teams directly prior to this IISHF Communication Letter.

Please transfer this information a.s.a.p. to your teams participating. In case of any questions to accommodation and organisation, the teams shall please contact the relevant Event Directors as mentioned in the Tournament Rules.

Please also pay attention that each National Member Association has to send not later than two weeks before each IISHF Title Event the completed and approved International Team Certificate (ITC) of all its teams to the IISHF ITC Manager ( The ITC 2024 version has to be used as made available on and delivered with the IISHF Communication Letter 2024-01 as published on 19.01.2024.


The Time Schedules and Tournament Rules will be sent out with a following IISHF Communication Letter in due time before the IISHF Title Events.



2.  IISHF Title Events – additional team information requested

As previously done the last two years IISHF will use its website and tournament management tool for the Title Events 2024. In consequence each participating team is requested to submit to the following information as soon as possible but not later than 2 weeks before the start of the Title Event.


  • Two main team colours in hex code format ( as main color (color 1) and secondary color (color 2).
  •  Links to your website and all your social media pages
  • Team Sponsor logos and short text (please name the files with the names of the sponsor)
  • If available, player photo (only head) for all players as on the ITC (please name the files with the names of the players).

This information will proof very useful for the IISHF tournament website as well as the tournament management system used to display relevant data for the audience, participating teams and any sponsors, in particular for the work of the IISHF Officials and the hosting club time keepers.



3.  Team Information Submission – new system to be implemented in 2024

Following the recent soft launch of the newly developed IISHF Website we are seeking to change how we collect information from you for A Class \ IISHF Title Events. Prior to 2024 we would collect the same information from you year upon year such as logos, past results spanning the last 10 years (as requested above in point 1 + 2). With the new website we are changing how we collect, store and use team information and this will be done via the IISHF Website.

In the coming weeks, your National Member Association will be invited to sign up to the IISHF website and manage your club and team information such as:

  • Club contact name and contact details
  • Club logo’s
    Past successes over the last 10 years
  • Team contact information per age group
  • Team Logo, should this be different to the club logo.

Once you have submitted the required information, all you need to do is click submit and then this information is distributed accordingly to the event host and relevant IISHF Officials.
Instructional videos will also soon be available on how you can complete this for your team and will be available via the IISHF Website.

Please note that until further instructions the deadline as described in point 1+2 will still apply.


4.  ITC Submission and Approval

Further to the above we are making changes to the ITC submission and approval process. After you have submitted team information for the hosting club, this data will also pre-fill your ITC with what you have already submitted reducing the need to submit the same data multiple times. If you need to add more, you can, and similarly, if you need to remove any people from the roster this can also be done prior to submission.

One of the benefits of completing your ITC via the website rather than using the Excel version is that you will get instant feedback on if an ITC can be submitted and what will be returned to you as input error such as missing license numbers, duplicated jersey numbers, incorrectly formatted information and more.

This new process vias the IISHF Website will give teams, National Member Association ITC Approvers and all other relevant parties instant feedback on when an ITC has been submitted and approved or rejected by National Member Association or IISHF.

The Excel version will still be available for the season 2024 from our Documents section of the website as we run this new process to ensure that this works and should there be any issues, we have a fall back plan.


5.  NMA Social Media Contacts

During the IISHF 2024 AGM we showed the attending delegates a presentation on the IISHF Communication Results for 2023. During this report we stated that we wished to collaborate with National Member Associations to communicate with our skater hockey community, along with looking at how do we attract new members within your governing bodies.
As we did in 2023 we request that if you wish to work with the IISHF and build a strong foundation of communication and sharing of ideas that you reach out to IISHF Communications Office directly at with on copy to register your interest in working together.
As stated in in the presentation, for 2024 we have a social media strategy we are looking to build our campaigns and to fully achieve this we need because the end goal is to grow the sport in all areas which means attracting new members in all member countries.

Our IISHF communications team look forward to speaking with you.

Authored By: Erik Sommer
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