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1. IISHF Men Challenge Cup 2021

The IISHF Presidium hereby confirms that SHC Rockets Essen will host the Men Challenge Cup 2021. The event will take place on 18-20th of June, 2021 in Essen, Germany as sanctioned by the IISHF Presidium.

If any team wants to cancel its participation in 2021 and wants to make use of the offered repayment for the cancelled IISHF Title Event 2020 their NMA has to notify the IISHF Presidium at latest by 28th of July, 2020. Any cancellation at a later point will follow the IISHF Regulations.

It's with great sadness that we have learned that Daniel Taschner unfortunately has passed away last night and no longer is among us.

Participating teams at IISHF Title Events 2021, IISHF U13 European Cup 2021, IISHF U16 European Cup 2021, IISHF Men Challenge Cup 2021 - clarification of participating players, NMA contact.

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