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Election at the IISHF AGM Sunday February 25, 2018 in Madrid, Spain.

IISHF Financial Report 2017 and proposed IISHF Budget 2018, IISHF Reports 2017, AGM - Schedule Friday Evening, IISHF Presidium.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018 and Working Meeting (WM) 2018, IISHF Reports 2017, Proposals and Drafts for AGM 2018.

The ranking of the IISHF Men Cup Winners Cup 2018 is not officially fixed yet, Delay of publication of IISHF Communication Letter 2018-04, Change of team name for Gentofte Ravens from Denmark in the IISHF Men Cup Winners Cup 2018, Extention of deadline

IISHF European Cups 2018 and Participating Teams, IISHF European Championships 2018 and Participating Teams, Deadline for all Teams participating in European Cups / European Championships 2018, IISHF will fix all regulations and deadlines

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