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 IISHF Communication Letter 2018-25

IISHF Communication Letter 2018-25

Livestream Integration in NMA website. --> Development of skater hockey.

1. Livestream Integration in NMA website. --> Development of skater hockey.

On behalf of the IISHF Vice-President André Poddubny the following message about livestreaming integration in the NMA websites for the development of international skater hockey.

Dear colleagues,

This weekend IISHF the Men European Championships take place in Rossemaision, Switzerland. A live stream will be offered from the games provided by MUSTANG TV. Please find below the links to the live streams (every day a different link) as well as the "embedding codes" that allow the links to be integrated in your websites.

Why is it important to integrate the live stream in your website?
Our goal is to increase awareness of the sport. If you integrate the live stream in your websites, we achieve two goals.

First, we increase the amount of persons watching in Europe, which at one point will also strengthen IISHF when communicating with potential sponsors on a European level (which in turn will benefit all federations as we will discuss the use of the funds generated at the IISHF AGM).

Secondly, instead of generating just traffic to the live stream you generate traffic to your federations website as well! Meaning, you could place info's and ads related to your federation around the integrated live stream that all visitors to the stream will then see. Again that is helpful to have you reach people with your "regional" content and potentially attract sponsors to your federations.

Any such event is quite an expense as all participating nations as well as the host and IISHF together invest a lot of funds to have the event happening. So, telling people of the event is by far the easiest part and comes with almost no costs for all of us. However it generates interest in the sport and to you.

Please find attached two screenshots of the preliminary integration in the website of the Ukrainian Federation. Naturally we will provide info around the live stream in Ukrainian as relevant to our target community. Coming from a rather poor country the live stream allows family, friends as well as the hockey community to watch the games. However, it is our goal that everybody in Ukraine takes notices of both the sport and our federation so to increase the amount of players, supporters and the interested public.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact:
André Poddubny
IISHF Vice-President
mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
phone: +380 67 469 56 00

Friday 23rd November 2018, Day 1:

Embedded code:

Saturday 24th November 2018, Day 2:

Embedded code:

Sunday 25th November 2018, Day 3:

Embedded code:

We hope that this will help to generate a much higher viewer statistic.

 Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 11.57.10 AM 209 kb
 Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 11.57.40 AM 173 kb

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