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IISHF Communication Letter 2019-17

IISHF Communication Letter 2019-17

1. IISHF U19 European Cup 2020 - Fixed.

The IISHF Presidium has decided that SHC Rossemaison (Switzerland) will host the IISHF U19 European Cup 2020 in Rossemaison (Switzerland) on 3-5 July 2020.

2. IISHF Title Events Applications for remaining IISHF Title Events 2020.

For the following IISHF Title Events no applications have been received so they are still open for 2020:

- Men European Cup

- Men Challenge Cup

- Women European Cup

- Veterans European Cup

- U16 European Cup

- Men European Championships

- U19 European Championships

Thus we hereby officially announce that according to point 12.1 IISHF Constitution the IISHF Presidium has imposed a the following official deadline for all IISHF National Member Associations to inform all their clubs:- about all open Title Events 2020 (as above)- to inform their clubs about the deadline 31 October 2019 for applications of the open Title Events 2020.- to inform their clubs that without applications until 31 October 2019 that the relevant Title Events 2020 might not take place.- that IISHF will announce the updated listing of IISHF Title Events latest November 15, 2019.- if any application is received before 10 October 2019 then IISHF will announce the application with the standard 3 weeks deadline for any other club/NMA to make their bid for the same IISHF Title Event. IISHF will generally encourage early applications for the IISHF Title Events.

The IISHF National Member Associations are also requested (as official deadline according to point 12.1 IISHF Constitution) to provide the IISHF Presidium until Saturday 5 October 2019 a copy of their website publication (or other way of information sent to the clubs).

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