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IISHF Communication Letter 2019-11

IISHF Communication Letter 2019-11

1. Updated Tournament Rules for the IISHF Men European Cup 2019

The personal information of the Event Director in the published Tournament Rules for the IISHF Men European Cup 2019 was not correct:The Event Director (according to article 22 IISHF

Regulations) shall be Mr. Yvan DEMIERRE (Tel. +41 79 6832419 1075162/ Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).Attached please find the updated IISHF Tourmanet Rules for the IISHF Men European Cup 2019.

2. Updated ITC 2019 version

Attached please find an updated ITC 2019 version which now covers IISHF title events (A events) in the first sheet and IISHF non title Events (B-events) in the second sheet. The instruction manual is available in the third sheet.

3. Changes in the IISHF Regulations 2019 in regards to hosting IISHF Title Events

There has been made a number of changes in the IISHF Regulations 2019 version in regards to the conditions for the hosting club when hosting an IISHF Title Event. These changes have been approved at the IISHF AGM 2019 which took place in February 2019 in London (Great Britain) and all National Member Associations (NMA?s) have already been informed of these changes.In order to ensure that all hosting clubs are aware of their obligations the IISHF Presidium will point out the changes (in boldface) as follows:Officials Payment (according § 9.4 a) IISHF Regulations)- U19 CH, Women EC, Veterans EC 100 ? per day per person- U13 EC, U16 EC, U19 EC, Men Challenge EC 125 ? per day per person- Men CH, Men EC 150 ? per day per person

Food and Drinks for IISHF Officials (according to § 9.4 c) IISHF Regulations)- Sufficient food and drink for breakfast, lunch (warm meal) and supper (warm meal) per each day of the event whilst the IISHF officials are at the event venue including the day (evening) before the event and also including the evening at the end of the event. At least on Saturday and Sunday supper has to be taken (served) at a place outside of the rink otherwise agreed between the Technical Director and the Event Director (host).

Referee Changing Room (according to §.15.1 a) IISHF Regulations)- There must be a Referee Changing Room close to the pitch.

Trophies (according to § 15.1c) 16 IISHF Regulations)- The host must provide gifts or trophies for all players selected in the all star team and for all IISHF officials and referees of the event.

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