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 IISHF Communication Letter 2019-10

IISHF Communication Letter 2019-10

1. Tournament Rules of the European Cups 2019

As attachment you will get the TOURNAMENT RULES of the following European Cups 2019:

- U16 Youth European Cup 2019 in Rossemaison (Switzerland).

- Men Challenge European Cup 2019 (Challenge Cup) in Essen (Germany).

- U19 Junior European Cup 2019 in Avenches (Switzerland).

- U13 Pee Wee European Cup 2019 in Kaarst (Germany).

- Men European Cup 2019 in Givisiez (Switzerland).

- Veterans European Cup 2019 in Duisburg (Germany).

- Women European Cup 2019 in Gentofte (Denmark).

Please transfer these documents a.s.a.p. to your teams participating. In case of any questions to accommodation and organisation, the teams shall please contact the relevant Event Directors as mentioned in the Tournament Rules.

 IISHF_Communication_10_2019 225 kb
 TournamentRules_EC_MenCW_Essen_2019_final 141 kb
 TournamentRules_EC_Men_Givisiez_2019_final 151 kb
 TournamentRules_EC_U13_Kaarst_2019_final 142 kb
 TournamentRules_EC_U16_Rossemaison_2019_final 158 kb
 TournamentRules_EC_U19_Avenches_2019_final 147 kb
 TournamentRules_EC_Veterans_Duisburg_2019_final 142 kb
 TournamentRules_EC_Women_Gentofte_2019_final 152 kb

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