IISHF Communication 2019-02

IISHF Communication 2019-02

1. Proposals and Drafts for AGM 2019

As attachments you will get the proposals and drafts for following documents:- Draft IISHF Regulations 2019- Draft IISHF Rules Book 2019 and 2020 (already delivered with the IISHF CommunicationLetter 2019-01 published on 2nd January 2019).

Please note that following colours have been used to mark the modifications for better understanding:Green Colour New ProposalYellow Colour Open for discussion/New ProposalRed Colour To be deleted

We did not receive any proposals to IISHF Constitution.

The listed proposals to IISHF Regulations are all made by IISHF Presidium. According to § 11.7 IISHF Constitution these proposals to IISHF Regulations can only be altered by the applicant by providing the alteration before the start of the General Meeting with full new wording by email to IISHF Presidium and to all National Member Associations taking part at the General Meeting. During a General Meeting new proposals for Changes to the IISHF Regulations can only be put to a vote if all National Member Associations being present at the General Meeting unanimously agree.

2. Deadline 15.01.2019 to confirm participation/cancellation in IISHF Title Events 2019.

With IISHF Communication Letter 2018-28 of 25.12.2018 the official IISHF announcement of all the Title Events in 2019 has been done. All National Member Associations (NMAs) received the IISHF Seeding Ranking List 2019 for all European Cups 2019 and European Championships 2019.

According to article 3.7 IISHF Regulations the official deadline for reply is 15th JANUARY 2019 (3 weeks). PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT EACH NMA SHALL GIVE A FULL REPLY ON TIME to make sure that the teams will not lose their right to take part at title events 2019

 Regulations 2019 Final Draft 13.01.2019 343 kb