• 1. IISHF European Cups 2019 and Participating Teams

    The vacant places for the Men European Cup 2019, Men Challenge Cup 2019 and the U19 European Cup 2019 have all been filled with participating teams. So we are very pleased now to

  • stack of documents

    1. IISHF Financial Report 2018 and proposed IISHF Budget 2019

    Attached please find:- IISHF Financial Report 2018.- Details of Financial Report 2018.- IISHF Budget 2019.Please note that the above documents are only delivered directly to the NMA's

  • 1. Tournament Rules of the European Cups 2019

    The Tournament Rules of the European Cups will be published next week.

  • 1. Tournament Rules of the European Cups 2019

    As attachment you will get the TOURNAMENT RULES of the following European Cups 2019:

    - U16 Youth European Cup 2019 in Rossemaison (Switzerland).

  • 1. Updated Tournament Rules for the IISHF Men European Cup 2019

    The personal information of the Event Director in the published Tournament Rules for the IISHF Men European Cup 2019 was not correct:The Event Director (according to article 22 IISHF

  • 1. Final deadline for the U19 and Men European Championships 2019

    The IISHF Presidium has set 01.06.2019 as the final deadline for registration for the U19 European Championships (Krefeld, Germany on 11-13 October, 2019)

  • Rødovre Red Devils from Denmark won the IISHF U13 European Cup 2019. Hosting Club Crash Eagles Kaarst coming second in the event taking place in Kaarst, Germany on June 21-23, 2019.

  • players celebrate a goal scored (Kaarst)

    1. IISHF U13 European Cup 2020 - Application received

    Crefelder SC (Germany) has delivered an application for the hosting of the IISHF U13 European Cup 2020 in Krefeld (Germany) on 12-14 June 2020. Any other application for this event has to be delivered within 3 weeks - thus deadline shall be Monday 02.09.2019.

    2. NMA Membership Information required

    The IISHF Presidium has decided that all National Member Associations (NMA's) shall deliver the same information that is required when new potential member associations apply for membership of IISHF as given in the §5.1 and §5.5 IISHF Constitution. We have regularly to check if all NMA's complete comply with the IISHF requirements.

  • Revised Tournament Rules for the Men European Championships 2018, IISHF Title Events 2019 approved, IISHF Title Applications for remaining IISHF Title Events 2019, IISHF Working Meeting 2019.

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