IISHF Communication Letter 2019-04

IISHF Communication Letter 2019-04

1. IISHF European Cups 2019 and Participating Teams

The vacant places for the Men European Cup 2019, Men Challenge Cup 2019 and the U19 European Cup 2019 have all been filled with participating teams. So we are very pleased now to

announce the final participation list for all IISHF European Cups 2019. Attached please find the final listing for the teams participating at the IISHF European Cups 2019. Please inform your teams about their participation. Please also note the listing of backup teams for those events where there are backup teams. Backup teams will only participate in the case that a nominated team cancel its participation.

The number of teams participating in the various IISHF European Cups 2019 are the following:

Men European Cup: 12 teams

Men Challenge Cup: 10 teams

Veterans Cup: 10 teams

Women European Cup: 8 teams

U19 European Cup: 10 teams

U16 European Cup: 10 teams

U13 European Cup: 10 teams

Please note that for each IISHF European Cup 2019 all known backup teams are listed and marked with a yellow marking. For some of the events there are no backup teams for example the U19 European Cup 2019. We have the following number of backup teams for the IISHF European Cups 2019:Men European Cup: 1 teamMen Challenge Cup: 1 teamVeterans Cup: 3 teamsWomen European Cup: 1 teamU19 European Cup: 0 teamsU16 European Cup: 2 teamsU13 European Cup: 6 teams

2. Deadline for all Teams participating in European Cups and European Championships 2019

We hereby officially announce that according to point § 12.1 IISHF Constitution the IISHF Presidium has imposed an official deadline for all Teams participating in European Cups and European Championships 2019 to send the following material. Deadline is set to 8 weeks before each event.

§ 15.1.e.9 IISHF Regulations states the following:The Team Manager must latest eight weeks before the first day of the Event provide full team information- An actual team photo (minimum 1.920 x 1.080 pixel)- Victories/successes of the last 10 years for the relevant team (age group) in English language- Players List with names and shirt numbers of all players taking part.- Team logo (minimum 1.920 x 1.080 pixel).The complete team information has to be sent by e-mail to the hosting club (use the contact information given on www.iishf.com with a copy (!!) to the IISHF Office (mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Failure will result to fixed fines (50 EUR per week of delay) also for not sending a copy to IISHF.

Deadline has been fixed for the following European Cups 2019:- Until 15.03.2019 for U16 Youth European Cup 2019 in Rossemaison (Switzerland)- Until 05.04.2019 for Men Challenge Cup 2019 in Essen (Germany)- Until 19.04.2019 for U19 Junior European Cup 2019 in Avenches (Switzerland)- Until 26.04.2019 for U13 Pee Wee European Cup 2019 in Kaarst (Germany)- Until 02.05.2019 for Men European Cup 2019 in Givisiez (Switzerland)- Until 10.05.2018 for Veterans European Cup 2019 in Duisburg (Germany)- Until 28.06.2019 for Women European Cup 2019 in Gentofte (Denmark)

Deadline has been fixed for the following European Championships 2019:- Until 16.08.2019 for U19 Junior European Championships 2019 in Krefeld (Germany)- Until 29.08.2019 for Men European Championships 2019 in Rødovre (Denmark).

Please also pay attention that each National Member Association has to send not later than two weeks before each IISHF Title Event the completed and approved International Team Certificate (ITC) of all its teams to the IISHF ITC Manager (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

The Time Schedule and Tournament Rules will be sent out with a following IISHF Communication Letter in timely manner before the events.

3. Correction of teams and team names for the Veterans European Cup and the Men Challenge Cup

The German Federation has corrected a mistake made in their reporting of their teams for the Veterans European Cup. The team Spreewölfe Berlin is the German Vice-Champion and Nimburg Crocodiles is the 3rd Place team so these two teams will change their selection for this Title Event so Spreewölfe Berlin will take part and Nimburg Crocodiles is the first Backup team. The Danish Federation has changed the team name for Bandits representing the club Østerbro Skaterhockey Club in the Veterans European Cup so the team name will be the same as the club name. The Swiss Federation has changed the team name in the Men Challenge Cup for SHC Bienne Skater 90 to IH Biel-Bienne.

4. IISHF will fix all regulations and deadlines for all IISHF Title Events

Please note that it's always the obligation for IISHF to fix all regulations and deadlines for all IISHF Title Events. This is not the duty for any hosting club. So please only respect the IISHF deadlines.

5. Teams willing to play Friday evening games for selected IISHF Title Events 2019As already mentioned in the IISHF Communication Letter 2018-23 published on 26 October 2018 for a number of IISHF Title Events 2019 listed below there is an option for teams to play games on the Opening Night. It?s not mandatory to play games Friday however if we can play 2 games Friday evening then the length of all group games for a 10 team Title event can then be extended from 2x10 minutes to 2x12 minutes. In order to do so we then need for example the hosting club and 3 additional teams to be willing to play in order to correct the Time Schedule.

Please note that the Men European Cup and the Men European Championships are always fixed as a 3 day events with games starting for all teams on Friday.

Attached please find the description for those 4 events (U16 European Cup, U19 European Cup, Men Challenge Cup and Veterans European Cup) where we are willing to use Friday evening for games due to the information provided by the hosting clubs.

Please note that if we play games Friday evening then IISHF has decided to have the Opening Ceremony first and the Managers Meeting afterwards in order to get especially the teams playing the first game sufficient time for getting ready to play.We need to get response delivered from the participating teams for the above mentioned IISHF Title Events. The response should be delivered by the NMA?s. When responding the participating teams should reply if they are willing to play games on Friday (Yes or No) and if they are willing to play how early they would be able to play.

Deadline for responding to the above request is set to 2 weeks so a final reply has to be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than Sunday 17th February 2019.

6. Approval of Equipment

Please find attached the approval document from the IISHF Technical Committee to allow the usage of goalkeeper protective equipment manufactured under the brand ReasonY "premium ball hockey equipment" in all Inline Skater Hockey games in the IISHF and its member countries as per article 16.2 c) of the IISHF Constitution. Please see the attached document for details. The IISHF Technical Committee has ask the IISHF Presidium to to distribute this approval document to all NMA?s as soon as possible to ensure timely distribution before the 2019 season starts in some countries. Thank you in advance for your assistance to this matter.

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