• This CL informs about proposals for changes to the IISHF Rule Book and IISHF Regulations which will be discussed at the 2022 Annual General Meeting. The Netherlands also withdraw from IISHF.

  • The 5th CL in 2022 is out containing important information on the IISHF Annual General Meeting held 26.-27.02.2022 as well as the 8 Title Events in 2022!

  • CL 2023-01 provides important information about the 2023 IISHF Annual General Meeting in Tel Aviv (25.-26.02.) including proposals for consideration at the AGM. Also, calls for teams participating at the Men European Cup 2023 and an additional NMA reporting are announced.

  • Communications Letter 2023-08  Provides updated documentation for our Constitution, Rules of the Game Regulations and Technical Committee Report

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