• CL 2022-14 informs about applications received for 4 European Cup in 2023. It calls for applications to 3 European Cups and 2 European Championships.

  • CL 2022-20 provides important information about all IISHF Title Events in 2023. All teams must confirm their participation until 15.12.2022.¬†

  • Communication Letter 2022-22 provides¬†important information on the IISHF 2023 Title Events including the seeding of teams. It also contains a call for new IISHF Officials as well as the annual NMA Reporting file to be returned to the IISHF by 15.01.2023.

  • CL 2023-02 informs about information to be provided by teams participating in European Cups 2023 to the IISHF as well as deadlines to do so.

  • Title Trophies

    Communications Letter 2023-07 provides details of the five European Cups for 2023 with Tournament Rules, Time Schedules, the ITC and a communications report from 2021-2022.

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